As students, we made donations to facilities that we thought were making a difference to the lives of people, however small they might have been. That small spark turned into a wild fire swallowing the darkness of ignorance with support from friends. We got united not by chance, but by our choice of making India a better place to live and grow.

Between April 2005 and April 2006 (we were out of college and working), we made similar donations to facilities in and around Chennai. But, the lack of control over how our donations were spent, pushed us into taking the next big step, to establish an organization of our own. We started off with two EI centers on August 15 2006 at Vellore and Villupuram. We made the best of facilities money could buy. We rented houses, employed teaching staff, bought computers / books and bought everything we thought was appropriate / required for the students. The centers trained tamil medium students (students taught in schools where the medium of instruction is Tamil) in the classes of IV to XII. Following the success of these two centers, we opened 3 more EICentres at Chennai on August 15 2008, Cheyyar on January 10 2010 and Menasi on Aug 15 2011.

We have also been making generous donations through our Scholarship Program. We gave scholarship worth Rs.33,100 to Avvai Home and its associated schools in 2006. Thanks to our agreement with a software company, we have been able to support Avvai Home schools through our donations worth Rs. 50000 each year, for the consecutive years.

We want to expand our wings through various other programs. All we need is Man Power. We are not heroes to change the fate of a nation in a day or two. But We strongly believe that the rise and fall of every nation is engraved deep in the hand prints of everyone. Lets read it.

Our Pledge

We will change the lives of many with ours.

We will explore like wind and serve like rain.

We wont allow weakness, arrogance or violence in our progress.

We wont waste time in gossip. We will keep to the purpose or keep silence.

We will fight against human nature of inertia, its selfishness, hostility in all efforts.

Our Mission

To educate India in order to eradicate poverty and corruption.

To support deserving students with scholarship to pursue their education.

To discover / develop the hidden talents of deserved students.

To create Self-Help-Group / Micro- Credit loans for deserving villages.

To develop leaders who can think and act independently.

These missions date back around 2000 years rooted deep in every Indian's heart and watered by the everyday happenings. The same old mission with a different Spirit this time. These may seem like a dream. Goals are nothing but dreams with deadlines. It may take 5 years, 10, a lifetime or even a 100, but our passion to perform is far greater.

We have started to change ourselves in order to change the face of New India and surely We have reduced the space between We and can. We have our Static Friction to combat; We may take some time but We will Win.

In short, its about Rising of a Nation by her own Children.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a world where none is left without formal and practical education.